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2018 Fall Youth Tournament

Individual Honors from the 2018 Fall Youth Tournament

8 and Under

Most Valuable Player

Madden Stultz

Red Foxes

What did this 'mad dog' not do that blew away the competition?  He goalied his Red Foxes to their first win, then scored 15 goals to deliver a championship while taking MVP honors.

Outstanding Playmaker

Reid Gerstmann

Red Foxes

The secret weapon for the Red Foxes all tournament long was 'rockin' Reid who backchecked, defended, assisted & scored his Foxes into the championship game & a division title.

​Outstanding Goalie

Julian Horn

Gray Wolves

Goalie 'Jules' was indeed a rare gem as he garnered the top save percentage & garnered a whole lot of street cred giving his Gray Wolves winning chances all tourney long.

Outstanding Offense

Sloan Dahl-Lowe


'No bologna Sloanie' is once again in the spotlight, rocked the 8u division with the most points (13) & most assists (4) that was vital in getting his Megalodons into the championship game. 

12 and Under

​Most  Valuable Player

Kelzi Olson


'Scrappy Doo' was playing in another solar system for her Twizzlers scoring 12 goals & 3 assists which was more than enough to pull her Twizzlers to a division championship. 

Outstanding ​Playmaker

Eli Simpson

Sun Devils

The 'Flying Phenom' once again racked up 5 assists that put an exclamation point on this elite playmaker who led his Sun Devils to a fantastic sudden-death win over the Flying Squirrels.

Outstanding ​Goalie

Julian Horn

Blue Knights

Look who double-dipped to take top goalie honors.  Jules delivered another stellar job for his Blue Knights with the highest save % after recovering from a broken arm.

Outstanding Offense

Jayden Perea


'Master backhand' topped the scoring charts with 18 points, in the 12u division, as this warrior led his Phantoms to an undefeated record & a trip to the 12u championship game. 

1​5 and Under

​Most Valuable Player

Riley D'Antonio

Team D'Antonio

'Life of Riley' D'Antonio was indeed living the life, topping the scoring charts with the most assists (5) which was way too much for the competition as his team took the 15u title.    

Outstanding ​Playmaker

Carter Robinson

Team Robinson

Perhaps one of the highest respected scoring talents in the league, the 'Cardiac kid' was the glue that kept his team in contention all tournament long with his playmaking skills.

Outstanding ​Goalie

Luke Vervoorn

Team D'Antonio

In his first season in the 15u division, Luke was indeed the master as his 80% save average was tops & led his D'Antonio team to an inspiring team championship victory. 

Outstanding Offense

Titus Dunnigan

 Team Dunnigan

'To the Max' Dunnigan was absolutely terrifying to the opposition, as his tournament high 9 goals was simply vital in getting his team into the championship game. 

2018 Fall Youth Rec Rosters and Games

8u Rosters & Game Schedule

12u Rosters & Game Schedule

15u Rosters & Game Schedule

PYHA Youth Recreational League

PYHA youth recreational leagues conduct 2 seasons every year.  There is a Spring season beginning in March and ending in May.  The 2nd season is the Fall season which begins in August and concludes in October.

Prior to actual beginning of practices and games, the season commences with a family/player fun day at the Pioneer Park arena.  All families that have registered with the PYHA are invited for a free fun day where music, fun events and food are the orders of the day.

Also in attendance at the fun day, will be the state's best and most recognized hockey equipment retailer – BEHIND THE MASK.  

Owner Randy Exelby and his staff set up their array of hockey gear ranging from entry level equipment to the elite brands that players may purchase.  

BEHIND THE MASK has been serving Arizona's hockey community since 1994 with outstanding service, expert advice & has provided equipment discounts to leagues, travel programs and hockey organizations.

​The PYHA has a limited supply of previously used hockey gear that players may use for free.  However, the loaner gear is on a first come – first serve basis.  Once the gear has been lent out, there will be no more loaner gear.

Equipment Required for Play

What is it that makes the PYHA a truly unique experience?

What is it that separates the PYHA youth recreational leagues from the myriad of sports associations out there?  They have simply discovered the worst kept secret.  Hockey is the only major sport that does not require a stoppage of play in the game in which to substitute players on the floor.  Knowing this, scheduled player substitutions are required at specific times during live play. 

An announcer will broadcast the line changes for all teams to know when to change.  When this occurs, the pace of the game quickens an the energy level elevates dramatically.  Whenever a player scores or assists on a play, the announcer utilizes a state-or-the-art sound system that acknowledges a player's performance in real time.  When all of these segments are conducted, the games can resemble more of an ESPN show where the athletes are on a stage performing as much as playing in a game.

​The bottom line is that when your child registers to play in the PYHA youth recreational league, they are not just an individual with a number on their back.  They have a name, they are in the game and their participation will make a difference.

2019 Spring Youth Rec Season Info

Age Divisions

Registration Deadline & other important dates

Loaner Hockey Gear

Cost For Players

AAU Membership is required for all participants

How Does the Season Work?

Youth Summer Open Hockey

Every Friday beginning at 5:30 PM, lace em up, get on the floor & LET'S PLAY HOCKEY!  $5 gets you on a team & in the game for more fun than you are allowed to have.

Spring '18 Tourney Champions

Wow, how exciting it was at this past Springs' rec tournament!  The Jokers , Guardians of the Galaxy & Team Sherwood all triumphed.  Check out all the results! 

Fall Season Loaner Gear

Yes, the PYHA does have some loaner gear.  But the gear is not unlimited, as the gear will be on a first come – first serve kind of system.  Gear check-out will be Wednesday, Aug. 15th, 5 - 8 PM at Pioneer Park. 

Drafting Players for Teams

After 2 open practices, the PYHA will conduct a draft in order to place an equal number of skilled players & beginner skaters on each team.

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