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​2017 Fall Youth Results

Week ending October ​19th, 2017

​Featured Players

8 and Under

​​​Zach Turner

​​​One of the most decorated state tournament goalies in Arizona last season, this young warrior scored 11 goals & 2 assists leading his Panthers to 3 wins.

​Julian Horn

​Goalie ​​​Julian was a big boy among...well...boys. he led his Panthers to 3 victories along with 2 shutouts allowing just 1 ​biscuit in his oven.

12 and Under

​​​​Eric Mayhan

​​​​Eric had an incredible week of hockey, scoring 8 goals & 2 assists leading his Golden Speeds to 2 wins & catap​​ulting his Speed brothers into first place.

​​​​Jon Aguilar

​Goalie ​​jonathon made the clutch saves when he had to, as ​he led his Golden Speed team to victories over the very tough Knights & Goons.

1​5 and Under

​Sam Stahl

​​​There was ​no 'stalling' by this young upstart as 'Slammin Sam' ​did just that, slammin' home 3 goals & 1 assist leading his Mayhan ​brothers to 3 wins & 1 tie.

​​​​Kevin Nolan

​Goalie ​​Kevin just kept the wins a comin' as he notched 4 wins & 1 tie to end a fantastic week of guarding the gate for his teams.

Week ending October 5th, 2017

​Featured Players

8 and Under

​​Reid Gerstmann

​​This pint-sized warrior struck for 2 goals & 2 assists that was huge in leading his Howler team to 2 wins against the very tough Panthers & Albino Squirrels.

​​​Liam McIntire

​Goalie ​​Liam, 'The Hammer', put in a hard day of work shutting down the Howlers 4–1 & asserting his credo of 'Hammer Time'.

12 and Under

​​​Kevin Nolan

​​​The Green Dragons sorely needed this young man's scoring prowess as Kevin slammed 5 biscuits in the oven along with 2 assists for a fantastic 2 win week.

​​​Cooper Hall

​Goalie ​Cooper had more charge than the energizer bunny leading his Green Dragons to 2 wins & filling in net for the Goons, giving them a win as well.

1​5 and Under

​​​Corbin Rouette

​​​There was no gambling with the Rouett of Roulett as he dominated the week with 5 goals & spinning the wheel for 2 assists leading his MacDonald team to 3 wins.

​​​Reece Curry

​Goalie ​Reece – too young for the 15u division?  Think again as this phenom between the pipes topped the week with an amazing 87% save average ​& 3 wins.

Week ending September 28th, 2017

​Featured Players

8 and Under

​Evie Owens

​This first time player stunned everyone with big game stats as she slammed home 4 goals & ​1 assists leading her Panthers to victory.

​​Eddie 'the eagle' Hoyt

​Goalie ​Eddie lived up to his nickname ​& flew with the eagles taking 38 shots over 2 games, leading his Howlers to a 5–1 win over the Albino Squirrels

12 and Under

​​Brady Dinco

​​Playing up in the 12u division for the first time, this future star recorded his first goal against the tough Golden Speeds leading them to a breathtaking 7–6 win.

​​Isaiah Michelitch

​Goalie ​Isaiah was outstanding, taking more shots (27) than any other goalie in the 12u division, taking down the lethal Golden Speeds 7–6.

1​5 and Under

​​Riley D'Antonio

​​This future star struck for 5 goals & 5 assists over 4 games leading his Mayhan crew to 2 wins & 1 tie as well as filling in for missing ​players.

​​Cooper Hall

​Goalie Cooper ​Hall had a breakthrough week as he led his teams to 3 wins & 1 tie taking 71 shots & recording a fantastic 87% save average.

Week ending September 22nd, 2017

​Featured Players

8 and Under

Javin Paluszcy​k

Javin scored the first goal of his career as he played an outstanding game against the Albino Squirrels.

​Julian Horn

​Goalie Julian ended a perfect week leading his Panthers to 2 wins, allowing only 4 biscuits to get into his oven.

12 and Under

​Landon Pratt

​Landon, playing in just his first season of hockey, scored 1 goal & 2 assists helping his ​Nightwalkers to 2 wins.

​Maddox Marshall

​Goalie Maddox was an absolute warrior at the gate as he took 93 shots on net ​ notching 2 wins.

1​5 and Under

​Ayden Burns

​A veteran of many rec & travel seasons, this lethal scoring threat slamm​ed ​home 8 goals​ & 2 assists.

​Calvin Goeke

​Goalie Calvin went on a tear ​recording 8 victories including 2 ​shutouts.

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